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Youth Ministry

The past twenty-one years have been a tremendous and exhilarating ride for the Youth Department in Lighthouse Ministries. We have seen many of our past “Youth’s” turn into successful young adults, then into thriving husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, entrepreneurs, pastors, evangelists, deacons/deaconess’s and the list goes on. We can also see a new generation of millennials and those in generation Z that have big dreams and are not afraid to speak them into existence. 


Over the course of the past year, the term “Young People” has been traded in for the more active, “Tomorrow’s Leaders.” This title affirms our mission statement and allows them to see the promises that they truly are. Our vision at Lighthouse is to “Prepare Tomorrow’s Leaders Today.” With that being said, Vice President, Errol Wray Jr. and I, Kimberley Coleman have taken it upon ourselves to create a safe atmosphere at our meetings where their voices will be heard. Twice a month, we will either sit and discuss what it means to be a young Christian in this day and age and work through problems starting from a biblical stand point or go out and find a group activity that everyone would enjoy or finding a way to give back to our community. In the past couple months alone we have had riveting game nights where we are able to know each other better.


We have had deep discussions about the many temptations there are today and how the word shows us that we can overcome them. We have visited places such as Brooklyn Tabernacle for MVMNT and Applebee’s for fellowship! Errol and I are confident that this is a year for a turn around amongst Tomorrow’s Leader’s. They are excited to get involved and share their input and we are both pleased and extremely grateful to God for the opportunity to mold the next generation through the word, prayer and fasting.

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