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Ladies Ministry

Ladies of Integrity Growing Higher Together (L.I.G.H.T)

The Ladies ministry encourages women of all ages to cultivate their relationship with Christ and provide services that will challenge, train and equip its members for ministry. We stand fast to our mission statement, “Equipping believers to grow to all levels of spiritual maturity, placing them in a Ministry that is appropriate to their gifts and calling, in order to effectively serve the whole man through witnessing and community involvement. Demonstrating the love of God locally and globally.”

We strive to do this through feasting on the Word of God. Without a doubt He will come through. “Seeking God’s face not His hands”. Our January month of fasting and prayer elevated us to a new dimension. 

As our Pastor Dr. Navlett Coleman continues to lead us with the mission and vision of Lighthouse Ministries we will continue to follow. We will strive to continue what we started in 2001, and that is to “Seek God’s face, not His Hands”.

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